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Skintimate® Skintimate® Disposable Razors

Get Up Close and Skintimate ® with a variety of razors

Skintimate® has introduced its first collection of disposable razors Customize your shave with a variety of razors tailored to deliver a unique experience: whether it be scented razor handles, conditioning moisturizers, or smoothing exfoliants. No matter your preference, you’ll surprise and delight your senses when you get up close and Skintimate® with every shave

Skintimate® Coconut Delight Shave Gel

Get Up Close and Skintimate®

Introducing a new refreshing scent, Skintimate® Coconut Delight Shave Gel paired with rich moisturizers for smooth, irresistibly touchable skin

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Skintimate® Signature Scents®

Satisfying smoothness in 4 luscious fragrances

From fruity and flirty to tropical and twisty, smoothness has never smelled so great. 4 shave gels each are formulated with 6 moisturizers, including Vitamin E and olive butter, to help replenish your skin’s natural moisture.

Skintimate® Skin Therapy

Nourishing formulas for fabulously smooth legs

Choose from 6 moisture-rich shave gels, each with a nourishing formula to deliver the ultimate close shave and smooth, healthy-feeling skin.

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The best

“So great! No more itchy legs after a shave, wouldn't use anything else!”

- Lala5

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